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Donnelle's World

Week 17 - "scare quotes"

Week 17 - "scare quotes"

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Me 2015
Jamie clutched her husband's hand and laughed. The grainy black and white image on the screen jumped as the ultrasound handpiece pressed against her slippery stomach jiggled in time with her laughter.

"Two?! What do you mean 'two'?!"

The white-coated technician looked at her and grinned. "Just what I said, there's two in there! You're having twins. Congratulations!"

Jamie's laughter turned to sobs, gasped exclamations of "Twins! What are we going to do?!" and back to laughter again. She hiccuped, and looked at Mike, who hadn't taken his eyes off the screen. "Honey? Are you okay?"

He looked at her, his face expressionless. She could almost see him running mental calculations of increased costs, carseats and cots, clothes and college, but he suddenly squeezed her hand as a giant smile spread across his face. "I'm great."

"Twins! I guess that's why I've been so sick. Everyone kept saying I should be feeling better by 14 weeks."

The technician slid the handpiece over her rounded belly, methodically measuring and searching. "Look here," she said. "They each have their own placenta, and... this line, here, means that they're each in their own amniotic sac."

"What does that mean? Are they identical or not?" Jamie asked. She pictured two girls, with shiny dark curls like Mike, dressed in matching dresses, and then imagined a pair of boys with her blonde hair and blue eyes.

"You'll hear it called 'di-di' but it's the lowest risk twin pregnancy. We can't tell if they're identical or fraternal until they're born- unless it turns out that they're boy/girl twins. You can try to find that out at the 20-week scan."

The technician handed her a towel to mop the clear goo from her skin. Jamie wiped it off as best as she could, and adjusted her clothing. She was suddenly conscious of the precious heaviness within her, in a way that hadn't seemed real before. Two babies!

As she sat up from the reclined bed, her stomach lurched and she quickly put her hand to her mouth and breathed carefully. The technician assessed her pale face and quietly said "Bathroom's across the hall." Jamie lumbered off the bed and scurried across the hallway.

Mike made a brief motion as if to follow her, but instead turned helplessly to the technician. "It's three o'clock. So much for "morning" sickness!"
  • Whoever decided on calling it morning sickness was a very sick individual, in the first place. That sit lasts all day, everyday, for at least a month. AT LEAST.
  • Passed down from her mother ...
  • Oh, this makes me want to write about my OB visit when I learned I was carrying twins! Magic! For me, the queasiness was manageable after one big incident very early on. But the heartburn later on was killer.
  • Aww! Such a sweet story! :)
  • This was lovely. That last line is so true!
  • Yeah, whoever named "morning sickness" was a damned LIAR.
  • I have a friend who's suffering from hyperemesis gravidarium right now....and after talking to my mom, we're pretty sure she had it with me, only back *mumble* years ago, it didn't have a name. Ugh :(

    This is really sweet, and so well put together. Very nice!
  • Oh, boy-- I read the comments. 8 months of 'morming' sickness? My sister had a friend whose pregnancies were much like that. The second one featured a lot of bed time and an IV drip, and that was with a 2 1/2-year-old child already. :(

    I went the other way-- just the first trimester, but those hormones made me ravenous instead. I'm one of the few who _gained_ weight in the early parts of pregnancy.

    Your twins look happy and healthy, and like a blessing indeed. :D
    • Yeah - I had hospital and IV time with both my pregnancies. The twin pregnancy WITH meds was as bad as the singleton pregnancy without.

      They are a blessing. They turn five in 29 days and start school in 32!
  • Very nice! I think they'll just need to have some time to get used to the news :)
  • I've heard so many people say they get it in the evening as well, or occasionally just in the afternoon and evening. It's definitely misnamed!
  • I am not jealous of this part of the miracle of life. The sickness and the pressure on the bladder, I mean...
  • very nice, the tought of twins would scare me. (being as they would be my kids they would probably be holy terrors!)
  • So cute.... thank u for sharing their pictures ... adorable. I agree " morning " sickness is a such a misnomer :P
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